Practice Dispensing

Primary Care Services on behalf of Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board has recently undertaken an audit in regards to practice patient dispensing lists.

As a result of this audit, any dispensing patient currently included on our dispensing list who resides either within 1.6km or approximately 1 mile in a straight line of a dispensing pharmacy or within a defined urban area for the locality will no longer be allowed to use the practice dispensary.

The removal of the dispensing marker does not effect the registration of the patient in any way other than it will be no longer appropriate for the practice to dispense to the patient(s).

Any patient who is affected by the health board decision must obtain your prescription from a pharmacy of your choice instead of collecting from the surgery dispensary. When you have made a decision as to which pharmacy you would like to use, please notify reception staff so that the prescription can be forwarded appropriately.

Unfortunately, this decision is out of our control, however if any patient who is affected by the health board decision feels they would have serious difficulty in obtaining any necessary medicines and appliances from a chemist because of distance or inadequate means of communication known as “the serious difficulty provision” please contact staff at the surgery who will be happy to assist further.


A form for patients to complete is available at the surgery should any patient who is affected by this decision want to request to stay with the surgery dispensary. Please contact surgery staff for further details.