Social Media



Definition of Social Media 

Social media is a type of interactive online media that allows parties to communicate instantly with each other and allows the sharing of data in a public forum.

Social media covers, but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Flicker. 

Social Media use as a Patient of Bodowen Surgery 

The surgery recognises that many patients use social media in a personal capacity and again in that capacity you must not post anything that damages the reputation of the surgery.

You are allowed to state that you are a patient at the surgery.

Examples of social media misuse may include (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Posting offensive or critical messages on about the surgery/practice staff or Doctors
  • Posting content that could breach patient or practice confidentiality
  • Posting derogatory or inappropriate pictures or comments about patients or staff/GP’s or the Practice in general
  • Reposting or sharing material of an offensive, sexual, political or religious nature and linking such content to the practice 

Action taken by the Practice

 The practice accepts that patients have the right to a private life however, where social media or online activities which can be linked to the Surgery could cause reputational (internal/external) relationship damage, action to remove the patient from the Practice List will be considered and reported to Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board.  In extreme serious breaches, we may also report the incident/s to the police.